“Float with me in the world of ether.” D. Lynch

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Some words about me

I don’t see, I watch. I love details, individuality, the skill of being amazed, comparisons among diversities. I'm eclectic. I’ve many interests I cultivate with hiccuping regularity, while my artistic research reigns my life. I studied art and philosophy and graduated in London (UAL): this experience reinforced my curiosity to the unknown and my cultural identity. I value encounters as opportunities and my sight as an instrument of investigation: I get curious, I research, I think, I create.

Pink, blue, violet… As my hair, I like color people I meet. I’m appassionate, open minded and very, very curious. I love discovering and I hate boredom, I like dialogue, diversity, uniqueness, exchange and the truth in meetings. I look for value in everyone and everything, and to weave them together. I am unique, like all of you. Describing us is impossible: let’s meet!

Comunucation 100
Availability 100
Attention To Detail 100
Knowledge 100
Punctuality 100
Friendliness 100

Caterina's experiences