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Milano, ITALIA

"We do not believe that theater is a mundane habit or an abstract homage to culture. Theater remains what it was in the intentions of its creators: the place where a freely assembled community reveals itself to itself: it hears a word to be accepted or rejected. For even when spectators do not realize it, this word will help them make decisions in their individual lives and in their social responsibility."



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Adriano I. Pozzi, born in 1994, is an actor. He is also a fencer and teacher of historical and artistic fencing. Maria Carolina Nardino, born in 1997, is an actress. She deals with various realities: from theater company productions to street theater. She is also a theater teacher for children, teens and adults, specializing in teaching voice, diction, communication and expressive reading.

Hi! We are Carolina and Adriano! And before being actors and colleagues, we've been friends since 2012 and our sync on stage is something... magically crackling!

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