Worldy is the first innovative platform of Travel Experiences that dreams of a world where all travelers can experience cities in their truest essence! How? Through our App 'Worldy Experiences' we get you in touch with the people of the place with the same interests and passions as you with whom you will live unforgettable experiences.
With Worldy you can experience a new and authentic way to travel, meeting local people with whom you can share interests and make new connections by exploring the city: our Local Friends. All the activities you do on our app will help you collect points that you can use to support environmentally friendly projects all around the world.
A Worldy experience is an activity made by the Local Friend who uses his time for creating activities designed for those who want to know the city in an authentic way. Thanks to the matching function we will propose experiences and Local Friends similar to you.

Local Friend

The Local Friend is a person who has decided to make new friends by sharing their interests, passions and love for his city.
Everyone can be a Local Friend! Do you identify yourself with the same values as of Worldy? Do you want to monetize your passions? Visit our section "Apply as a Local Friend" and tell us your story! We will be happy to help you create the perfect activity!


It's Simple! Download the application 'Worldy Experiences', enter your email address, a password and receive an email confirming your registration! After that you can create your profile by choosing your interest and personal details.
If you forgot your password:
  • open the menu at the top left
  • click on "Login"
  • click on "Forgotten password?"
Then enter your email address where you will receive an email to reset your password.
Once registered with email and password, proceed in the app section "Profile and Account" to select personal information and interests that will allow you to take full advantage of the features of the application and artificial intelligence to show you the Local Friends and Experiences more similar to you.
Of course you can! You can edit the selected interests and choose new ones at any time!
If you want to cancel your subscription, go to:
  • Profile and Account
  • Information
Then you will find the button for deleting your account.

Experience and Bookings

Did you choose the right experience for you? Select the number of participants, choose your availability and the payment method to proceed with the purchase!
Once you book your experience the chat with the Local Friend will start automatically! Use it to discuss on the details of your activity.
The experiences you find on our app can be booked by anyone until the maximum limit of participants choosen by the Local Friend is reached.
Of course you can! Once you’ve booked the experience, the chat with the Local Friend will start and you can discuss about your preferences with him!
Once you have clicked on the experience, a new page will be displayed where you will find all the details about it.
To prepare for a Worldy experience, we recommend you to contact the Local Friend through the chat to better organize yourself. Do not forget to carefully read all the information in the experience page.
For each interaction inside the app (e.g. purchasing an experience, writing a review, commenting on the board posts, etc.) you will get a certain amount of Worldy points that varies according to the type of interaction. Once you have reached a set threshold, you can use the points obtained to purchase digital coupons aimed at supporting environmentally friendly projects around the world.
Inside the app:
  • open the menu at the top left
  • press on reservations
  • click on the booking you have made
  • use the button at the end of the page to unsubscribe
For more information see the "Terms and Conditions" section on the website.


Payment methods accepted are by credit card, debit card or PayPal. You cannot pay or tip Local Friends by cash.