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Fantastic animals in Milan

2.5 h
Max 8 persone
Prenota ora - 25.00€ / persona
Prenota ora - 25.00€

Discover the most fantastic and mythological side of the cit

Did you know that in Milan there are fantastic creatures? We are Martina and Dario, curious about nature and we will accompany you on a journey through the streets of the historic center to "capture" with the look (and a few shots) these mythological animals scattered around the city! It’s a perfect experience for children and for those who want to get to know the most fantastic side of Milan. It will not be very easy to find them, it will be a real treasure hunt with lots of riddles! Are you ready for the challenge?!

Hidden beauties


Corso Magenta 15 - Milan
2.5 h
: 8

Incluso o non incluso

  • Local curiosities
  • photographic experiences
  • Treasure hunt with written riddles
  • Orientation in the city
  • snack


Walking tour

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Martina & Dario

Your adventure begins now!

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