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Secret Milan: between legends and mysteries

2.5 h
Max 8 persone
Prenota ora - 28.00€ / persona
Prenota ora - 28.00€

The Milan you’ve always looked at but never "seen"

There is a secret Milan. It is located behind the door of a noble palace, in the most secluded streets, just outside the centre. Or, right before your eyes, hidden in the shadow of the most famous monuments. Discover it in this itinerary among curious, unusual and full of mystery places. Secret Milan tells a city rich in history through evocative and often little-known sites, because when you think you know everything..Milan still knows how to amaze you.

Art & Culture


Piazza Duomo - Milan
2.5 h
: 8

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Walking tour

Creato da

Luigi Carmelo

"Immagination is more important than knowledge" ( A. Einstein)

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